The information in the table below is intended as a guide only to help you and other students plan and budget during your time studying at Queens College, Brisbane Campus is affordable compared to other college in Australia.

Queensland, and Brisbane, has one of the lowest costs of living in comparison with the other Australian states although it can seem challenging when coming from another country. Australian Education International estimates than an international student in Australia will spend about $380 a week on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport and telephone.

Please note that this is only an estimate - the costs and expenses will change and vary depending on your location, lifestyle choice as well as the course you choose to undertake.

For further details as to the cost of living in Brisbane and other budget or money-related issues, please visit


$100 - $225


$50 - $100


$5 - $15


$10 - $75


$15 - $20

*average costs per week

You can open a bank account before you leave home with any of the major banks. This will allow you to withdraw funds as soon as you arrive in Australia, using your passport as identification. Once funds have been transferred into Australia to the nominated bank, you will only be able to access them once you've arrived in Australia.