Have your existing skills and knowledge formally recognised. We review your prior learning by asking you to provide both formal / informal previous learning information. 

Any previous formal structured unit of competency/statement or attainment or qualification including related units or qualifications attained issued by an RTO can be used to assess course credit or currency of course credit. 

RPL Evidence 

You will be required to provide: 

  • Statement of Attainment (original or JP signed copies) 
  • Formal Qualification (original or JP signed copies) 
  • Any previous courses certificates, workshops, training programs, skills, knowledge acquired through work experience 
  • Letters of reference/statements of employment from previous employers 
  • Job Descriptions of previous/current jobs 
  • Samples of work/assignments/letters/budgets/correspondence/special project you managed etc 
  • A signed Statutory Declaration stating the evidence and information you have supplied to us is true and accurate