The enrolment process is relatively straight-forward and the College administration team is always ready to assist!

Step 1: Student fills out an international student application form or a domestic student application form

International student application

Step 2: Send your application form to the Admissions Office for processing

Step 3: If student meets entry requirements Letter of offer will be issued by the College.

Step 4: Student signs the Enrolment Agreement.

Step 5: Payment for the course according to the invoice (1st Installment is paid in full for VET).

Step 6: Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) is issued by the College.

Step 7: Student applies for a student visa / visa issued.

Step 8: Student starts the course. On the first day student attends college orientation.

Step 9: Balance of tuition fees must be paid on time as per your invoice. If fees are not received on time, students will be restricted to attend class, until fees are paid. (Students will be reported to Immigration office for non-payment of fees).