Once you enrol in one of our courses, you will receive a copy of the Queens College International Student Handbook.

This is a comprehensive student resource which covers most of the issues, topics and items students need to be aware of when studying and living in Australia and attending Queens College in particular. The Handbook describes how the College works, where students should go and who they should see to resolve questions and concerns.

All policies, procedures and regulations are outlined here so that all students are aware of the parameters within which our College functions. It outlines the College’s and the student’s obligations. Information, procedures and programs may change during the year. Students will be notified via e-mail if a change should occur and the revision will appear in the web-based version. In addition, changes may be published in handbook supplements.

We have courses designed for part-time or full-time students, as well as international students in Melbourne with a student visa. Take your education to the next level by enrolling today.